Genome Assembly and Lossless Compression: Automated and Efficient

Optimize secondary analysis and accelerate lossless compression.

Annai Systems’ STARBox is a proven solution for automating, simplifying, and accelerating secondary analysis, and reducing bandwidth and storage costs.

Using a lossless compression algorithm in an easy-to-install appliance, STARBox significantly compresses BAM or FASTQ files in a fast, secure and reliable manner.

STARBox delivers substantial savings over the lifespan of the typical retention period for genomic data, while keeping data easily accessible.

With the capability to decompress files in seconds with or without the appliance, STARBox enhances the speed and accessibility of re-analysis.


Save money with a cost-effective lossless compression solution for NGS data


Quickly access available data for analysis and re-analysis


Rapidly deploy with flexible out-of-the-box options

A Hybrid Cloud Solution for Every Step After Sequencing

STARBox is part of Annai Systems’ STARPlatform, a comprehensive solution specifically designed to handle the complexities of next-generation sequencing data in the clinical, pharmaceutical and research environments. Its capabilities and tools extend beyond genomic data management, offering a truly comprehensive solution that enables researchers and clinicians to innovate, collaborate and make new discoveries — all in less time and at a lower cost than traditional solutions.