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January 2, 2015

Annai Systems helps make sense of genomics
Carlsbad startup provides storage, management of massive DNA files

Four years ago, a team of Silicon Valley network engineers began talking with the scientists behind San Diego’s Agouron Pharmaceuticals about how to solve the looming big data problem in genomics.

Those efforts gave birth to Annai Systems, a 13-employee Carlsbad firm that has been operating under the radar as it developed genomics data management software.

Now Annai Systems is stepping from behind the curtain. On the strength of its technology and management team, the startup has raised $16 million from wealthy individuals — mostly in San Diego.

Annai Systems doesn’t do the glamorous work of using genomic data to find the cure for cancer. That’s for scientists and researchers. Instead, it does the heavy lifting behind the scenes — storing genomics data, protecting it, transferring it, sharing it and pinpointing pieces of it that are of most relevance to specific research.

“We came in with the idea that in order to enable those who are trying to find the next discovery to cure cancer, enable them to do more research, we needed a platform on which they could process, analyze and use large sets of genomics data,” said Annai Chief Executive Michael Penley.

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