A Comprehensive Solution for Next-Generation Sequencing Data Analysis

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Who We Are

Annai Systems is a leading genomic data analysis company committed to developing cost-reducing innovations that accelerate scientific discovery, maximize statistical power, and optimize data control. From data compression and storage to secondary and tertiary analysis, we offer a true end-to-end solution designed to handle the complex needs of next-generation sequencing data in the clinical, pharmaceutical and research environments. Our flagship product, STARPlatform, enables researchers to innovate, collaborate, and make new discoveries – all in less time and at lower costs than traditional solutions.

“Working with technology provider Annai Systems, UC Santa Cruz built a sophisticated software platform that could handle highly efficient bulk data transfers while working within the permissions system set up by the National Institutes of Health…”

“Annai has been an exceptional partner in the development of CGHub. Their creativity is helping to set the stage for peta-scale cancer genomic analysis.” — Dr. David Haussler, Professor of Biomolecular Engineering at UCSC and CGHub Project Lead

“Researchers will use Annai’s software to upload, store, access, and manage approximately one petabyte of data from the Pan Cancer Project in the cloud at six centers…”

“We are grateful to Annai and MedTrust for their support of our mission to reach more women and strive to improve their quality of life and survival in the face of this very difficult-to-treat cancer.” — Hillary Theakston, Executive Director, The Clearity Foundation

“Today, Annai Systems provides a bridge to Cancer Genome Atlas data, which includes thousands of genomic files from the Cancer Genome Hub repository of the National Cancer Institute…”

“We selected Annai Systems as our data management partner based on their previous work with the Cancer Genome Hub… It was important to be able to rapidly establish these data centers and ensure that the data could be securely uploaded and stored…” — Dr. Lincoln Stein, Director of the Informatics and Bio-Computing Program, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Our Solution

Analyzing genomic data is a true big data problem that requires specialized solutions and expertise. It’s with this in mind that we developed a powerful secondary and tertiary analysis reporting tool that minimizes the time from data to discovery while providing optimal efficiency and scalability. Our platform was designed to handle the computationally intensive needs of an array of genomic data analysis workflows.